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Alien Hybrid Children: Diet & Survival

While we share many similar traits with hybrid children, there are also many noticeable differences. They are humanoid yet are known to only have four toes, small ears, and limited hair color variation. The differences are evident before they are born, with females giving birth after seven to eight months while the average female human gestates for nine months. Naturally, there will also be some differences when it comes to basic survival needs like diet.

When Do Hybrid Children Eat?

According to the Biblioteca Pléyades, hybrids have eating habits that are akin to the Zetas and Greys. They can fast for days with no food. There are different nutritional requirements based on the stage of life the hybrid child is in.

What Do Hybrid Children Eat?

Just like human babies, hybrid children eat different things throughout their lives. The fetuses are kept in liquid nutrient-filled tanks after removal from the mother. Infants also obtain nutrition through a liquid diet. Abductees have reported bottle and breastfeeding hybrid infants. Others have claimed to have painted a nutrient substance directly onto the skin of older babies.

As the child matures, the dietary needs change as well as the way he or she eats. According to abductee and hybrid mother Bridget Nielsen with the Hybrid Children Community, “different hybrid children will have different diets.” She claims that the first to arrive will most likely be vegans and vegetarians while those who are on a higher frequency will require organic living liquids.

Still, others will shrug off the limitations of what we consider conventional methods of eating to instead receive nourishment from the planet’s electromagnetic field.

Connections through Feeding

For a human mother and child, the feeding process is another way to form a bond. The same effect seems to happen with some abductees and their hybrid children. Abductee Sigrid Karssens from the Netherlands shared a painting and her experience feeding her hybrid son “mother’s milk and lots of love.”

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