Are We Ready for a New Race?

This site was published with the assumption that hybrid children exist. It is not up to the authors here to persuade you to believe what you might resist believing. We believe fully in conscious manifestation: you send out your desires with intent and feeling, and that desire is made manifest according to your higher self's agenda. If your higher self, or KA, has other plans for you than studying hybrid children, then you may never believe. This is perfectly fine with us and we wish you a beautiful journey within whichever reality you choose.


Why Don't They Just Land on the White House Lawn?

Many people ask us why they don't see hybrid children walking the streets.

There are several reasons for this. First, these beings, comprised of a combination of human DNA and extraterrestrial DNA, are of a higher vibration, or frequency, than most humans. Humans, for the most part, vibrate at a very slow rate. For a higher dimensional being, it is difficult to slow down the vibration enough, (or not worth it,) for human to see a physical representation of that entity. 

Those who live in a reality in which everything must have a visible "physical" representation will have a difficult time accepting that entities exist outside of the range of our five senses.

Brainwave state matters

Since most humans focus in the beta brainwave state, which is the lowest of the conscious states, some entities choose not to make themselves physical for many reasons; but rather they assist humanity in its ascension from their own dimension or reality.

When you read some testimonials from this site, you will notice that many of the reporters are in a different brain wave state than beta . Alpha would be next, a state of relaxation similar to daydreaming, or fantasizing, or what you do when you're driving. Theta would be next, and this is the state when you're just falling asleep or waking up often called the hypnagogic state, and when REM sleep occurs. Each of the successive states is of a higher vibration than the previous state. The Delta state, the deepest-dreamless sleep, is the closest to our natural state. Our vibration is higher, we are more accepting of what we see around us, and ideas and thoughts are more recognizable as possible in this state than in any of the three previous states. It is for this reason that many of the reporters on this site note occurrences from their dream, or Theta, state.

We have been taught at a very early age that dreams are silly, that they aren't real, and to generally discount the experience as folly. We have it backwards, and recent research within this field has shown great advancement to prove this theory.

Therefore, as we raise our vibration by entering into the dream state, those from other dimensions who wish to connect are lowering theirs to meet us somewhere in between. Yet often, our interaction with extraterrestrials is replaced with an archetype that our mind can explain. Imagine having a limited vocabulary as a human, and being asked to translate a language you barely know. The only thing you can do is to choose words that you do know, and hope that they represent the actual intent and meaning of the original word. This happens in dreams, where, upon waking in the morning, the mind cannot accept the possibility that something so alien exists, and thus replaces it with something recognizable or safe. For some people this could be a balloon, or Dragon, or wild horse, or God, or a saint. All of these are common archetypes for the appearance of extraterrestrials in dreams.


Aren't Extraterrestrials Bad?

There've been many films made in Hollywood depicting malevolent aliens attacking our planet for its resources. Visitors are commonly considered more technological than us and therefore the odds are against us.

Humans are often depicted as shotgun carrying patriotic mercenaries, will do anything to save their race from the invading beings. With this mindset, one can only imagine what an extraterrestrial might feel would be projected at him should he decide to be physical to those who don't believe. For those of us who do believe, extraterrestrial interaction is common. We are familiar with the dream states, we understand that reality is just us looking at things through a particular lens. Once in the dream state anyone can learn how to enhance the interactions that they may be having with an extraterrestrial. When such efforts are made, it sends to the collective the idea that one more person could be ready for contact. As more and more people send out that message, the collective slowly shifts. And when this collective finally hits the critical mass, thanks to Hollywood, novels and the Internet, it won't be so alien when extraterrestrials do arrive. We are not there yet, but we are getting there. We are starting to see Hollywood produce films with benevolent visitors, who are here to enhance our lives, and to help us integrate into the one source that we all truly are.


Would We Get Along With Them?

The concern here, is that humans still don't accept other humans that are different. How could we accept someone who looks nothing like us; someone who might be considered frightening, or dangerous, simply because they do not look like we do? If we cannot except the diversity in our own race, how could we allow someone who looks drastically different from us--with perhaps different telepathic skills -- than we have, onto our world without feeling threatened? This is changing and I'm sure you see it. We are learning to accept each other; even young Muslims and Israelis vow that no more wars will occur. Our young millennials are tearing down the institutions that controlled the masses, and rebuilding them with equality and compassion in mind into organizations that benefit all. We are seeing a less disparate gap between black, and white, and gay, and old, and challenged.