Project Serpo

Project Serpo: A Closer Look at the Top Secret Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program

If you had the opportunity to visit another planet and live among its alien inhabitants, would you do it? Information released gradually over the decades have uncovered the details behind Project Serpo, a top secret exchange program between humans of Earth and the beings of a Zeta Reticuli plan known as Serpo.

Richard Doty and the EBE-2 Interview

Richard Doty

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Retired Air Force Office of Special Investigation agent Richard “Rick” Doty detailed a fascinating account that occurred at Los Alamos National Labs on March 5th, 1983. A source he refers to as LANL-1 requested his presence during an interview. He was joined by three people. One was an Air Force Colonel who upgraded Doty’s security clearance and commanded him to listen and make no sound during the interview.

When the discussion began, Doty witnessed an interaction with a hairless being that stood approximately 4’9” tall and did not look human. It wore a cream suit and was identified as EBE-2.

An Air Force Colonel and two civilians asked the being questions about its home planet. The interviewee responded in a mechanical voice that was possibly emanating from a device in front of it or on its body. The humans in the room made no actual sounds during the interview. It was inferred that the being either already knew the questions or was being asked through telepathy.

Area 51 and Project Crystal Knight

Project Serpo dates back to the infamous crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The survivor of the downed UFO helped authorities contact his home planet, thus opening up the lines of communication between humans and aliens. The being died while still here in the United States in 1952, but his presence had a lasting effect on our understanding of worlds outside of our own.

President Kennedy ordered the creation of Project Crystal Knight in 1962. This established an official exchange program between the humans of Earth and the beings of Serpo. The aliens, called Ebens, arrived to transport a dozen military personnel to their home. A trip that would take almost a year to travel the 39 light years or 240 trillion miles.

According to those who made the trip, the aliens used traversable wormholes and antigravity to complete the journey at a speed that was faster than light. The trip wasn’t without risks. One pilot died suddenly due to a blood clot in the lung (pulmonary embolism).

A Future for Ebens and Humans

A user known as Anonymous who is a retired senior U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency official sent information to a private email list managed by Victor Martinez in November of 2005. The messages were sent in installments, each outlining details related to the Ebens, their home, and our interactions with them.

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