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Hybrid Art

What do these beautiful children look like?  For reasons explained on this site, it is not yet time for hybrids to roam our modern-day Earth in physical forms visible to the majority of humans. Although there are may accounts of parents meeting their hybrid children in physicality, there are no verifiable photographs released to the public at this time.

There are some very talented artists who connect with hybrid children wishing to be represented.  Using various media ranging from pencil to digital imagery, these fantastic artists capture the essence of whichever child comes through related to the inquiring parent.

Despite the lack of traditional photography related to hybrids, artists do seem to receive images that are strikingly similar to each other.  The hybrids tend to have quite human features. The eyes seem to be slightly more slanted than most humans; pupils and iris will occupy a larger portion of the eye, with less white visible.  Noses, mouths and ears tend to be smaller, indicating our assisted evolution to more intuitive communication.

Iris' hybrid child, who named himself Merlin, is depicted here by the artist Vashta Narada

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