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hybrid contact


Imagine having a child that you cannot see on a day to day basis. This baby must live somewhere else, far away. And you cannot simply visit them on a whim; you must be taken. So how do you communicate with your little one? Contact between abductees and their hybrid children isn’t the same as it is with human kids. Mothers still impart love to their hybrid babies but must do so using different methods.

Are You a Hybrid Parent?

The first step in the communication process is determining whether or not you are a hybrid parent. This can be difficult for some since there is a lot of controversy surrounding the existence of aliens, let alone alien-human hybrids. It falls outside of the social norm and what many perceive as reality.
You must be open to the possibility and pay attention to the signs. Bridget Nielson from Sedona, Arizona believes she was abducted and used to create alien hybrids with a green reptilian being. She claims to have produced ten hybrid children total, six girls and four boys.
According to Bridget, there are things childless women should watch for that could indicate that they have hybrid children, including recurring dreams of classrooms or doctor’s offices, false pregnancies, and missing time.

Reaching Out to Hybrid Children

Many abductees claim that there are numerous ways to reach out and communicate with their hybrid children. Bridget listed three main methods:

  • Play with hybrid children through imagination and art. Draw or paint pictures of them and/or their energy as a form of connecting. See them through lucid dreams or daydreams. Assign them a symbol then meditate on their symbol regularly.
  • Act as though you are a hybrid parent. Acknowledge and talk to the child as though they are there with you, just as you would with a human child. Declare inwardly that you have hybrid kids.
  • Find joy in life and celebrate the things you love. Since aliens are already here, energy can be used to reach out and contact hybrid children. Enjoyment helps block negative energies that prevent this form of connection. Remain passionate, enthusiastic, and positive to sustain a state of high vibration.

3 Methods of Contact:

Article discussing Bridget Nielson: