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hybrid child


Having a hybrid child does not end once the fetus is taken. For many, the process is ongoing with human parents having contact with their offspring. Communication is an important part of child development. Just like a human baby, the child’s method of communication grows and changes along with the physical body. That being said, hybrid children are very different in terms of maturity and mental capacity, which leads to some very unique communication methods.

Direct Contact with Alien Hybrid Babies

Love and affection are part of the genetic engineering program. That means many abductees are brought back to provide their offspring with physical contact. Many report that the connection seems deeper because of the hybrid child’s unique maturity. Even at the baby stage, these kids seem wise well beyond their years.
Some abductees have described a strange phenomenon involving silent communication. Hybrid babies appear almost sickly by human infant standards. They don’t grasp with their hands, don’t cry and do not appear to have the same muscle strength. What they lack in those physical traits they make up for with their mental ability. Many have reported receiving communication through eye contact with their hybrid baby.
This process seems to allow the child to absorb information from the parent through a neural coupling process. Even hybrid children under the age of two appear to have an advanced mental capacity.

Communication with Hybrid Children

As hybrid children grow up, they develop more traditional methods of communication. Abductees have reported verbal interactions with their offspring when brought into play groups. The children show emotion, as reported by abductee Susan Enders. Susan was 10 years old and attending a girls’ camp located in Texas when she was taken.
She reported interacting with a hybrid child who seemed happy to see her. The girl greeted Susan verbally with a simple “hi” and talked about how there was little to do where she was. The pair held hands and read books together. The interaction seemed to feature communication methods that are just like those two human girls would engage in on Earth.

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