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hybrid DNA


Once you learn of the existence of human hybrid children, you may wonder whether they are more like us or more like “them” (them being the alien side of their biological composition). Can they relate to the human condition? Can we communicate on a verbal level? Would they understand our thoughts, feelings, and rationalizations? Before we can know the answers, we must first consider just how much like us they really are.

Physical vs. Energetic DNA

Hybrid children are created using one of two types of DNA. The first is physical DNA, which would be considered the more “traditional” approach from a human perspective. The other is through energetic DNA, which uses a human’s energetic makeup to create the essence or archetype frequency of the hybrid.

Physical DNA

The percentage of human DNA will vary dramatically when using the physical type. A child may only have 1% or 2% of one person’s DNA and 35% of another. A hybrid child may have a very high percentage of human DNA, which would make them nearly human themselves. Others may have less, creating a child that is less like us. Physical DNA is obtained through human abduction.

Energetic DNA

Bridget from offers a thorough explanation of energetic DNA: “With the energetic contribution, certain elements and arrangements of the energetic makeup are copied that help facilitate the archetypal cross-connection energy representative of the ability to tune in and be an antenna to draw upon those types of energy connections. The mechanism is a reflection, a “copying” of the vibrational state and frequency of your genetic energy structure as a reference point of what you’re doing, playing out the theme you chose when you incarnated. The genetic material is used as a referral template in order to arrange preferred genetic codes in certain hybrid children.”

There is no simple way to describe the genetic makeup of all human hybrid children. In fact, some also possess genetic material from other species like the Pleiadians and Sirians. This doesn’t happen through abduction, but rather as a result of humans already possessing the DNA from these beings. By extracting our DNA and using it to create hybrids, the other species’ DNA is also incorporated into the process.
No matter what percentage of your DNA a hybrid child has, or if you have no hybrid children, it’s important to remember the concept of Oneness. Through Oneness, we are the mothers and fathers of all hybrid children, regardless of genetic composition.