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children on Earth


Human beings place a strong emphasis on names. When we are born, we are each given a name. In many cultures, we are actually given three names: a first, middle, and last. We know the names of places. We give our pets names. Our children may even name their stuffed animals.

We are taught that our names are a part of our internal and external identity. They are more than a way to know when we are being spoken to; they become synonymous with our actions, words, and relationships. One person saying the name of another can cause the listener to feel tremendous love or overpowering anger. Hybrid children have a very different perspective on the importance of names.

How Do Hybrid Children View Names?

Perhaps our obsession with names stems from the idea that we are separate beings from the rest of our kind. Many of us consider our time here to be very limited. There is a strong drive to leave a legacy or lasting impression on the world before we are gone, and that legacy will be associated with our name.
Hybrid children have a very different view of the naming process. They do not cherish the idea of individualism as much as we do. They see themselves as part of a larger universe. They understand that they are infinite. They will always “be,” so there is no need to hurry and make a name in this life that others will remember when you’re gone.

Names Hybrid Children Prefer

Your hybrid child may ask you to give them a nickname to use before they arrive on Earth. This is usually a playful gesture. They do not identify with their names the same way human beings do. When they choose a name, it is often associated with the natural world. This is symbolic of the connection shared among all living things including people, plants, and animals. Hybrids may choose a name like Juniper Sage or Meadow Rain.

Names can still be special between you and your hybrid child. Allowing you to give them a nickname is one way that they connect with you. Perhaps we can learn something about ignoring our egos and opening ourselves up to greater understanding without the restraints of an earthly identity. Studying the hybrid children further allows us to evaluate how we view ourselves as individuals and as part of a far more expansive existence.

sliper84 / 123RF Stock Photo