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The hybrid program resulted in a number of iterations of hybrids, with the first iteration looking more like our Extraterrestrial counterparts than human. These hybrids experienced many medical and psychological issues, along with short life spans. As the DNA specialists perfected their art, a better balance was then established with future generations of hybrids.

  • The First Hybrid Race was, according to channeled material, a complete failure.
  • The Second Hybrid Race was comprised of beings that looked largely Extraterrestrial, with neurological issues and still unable to reproduce. Some of these examples do still exist, although they generally are used as "helpers" or "drones" for their creators.
  • The Third Hybrid Race are the Sassani, or Essassani ("of Sassani"). There are physical entities that currently communicate with us through channels such as Darryl Anka's Bashar, one of Darryl's future incarnations.
  • The Fourth Hybrid Race consists of an increasingly-human resembling race that has not been introduced to the general public as of yet. The authors have been requested to refrain from naming the race at this time.
  • The Fifth Hybrid Race is the Yah'yel (also called Shalinaya- "those who will come first"); this race looks strikingly human, yet contains the beneficial combination of human/ET DNA that comprises the qualities of oneness, intuition and compassion. The Yah'yel are very active in communications with humanity. The Phoenix Lights, seen in 1997 by over 10,000 people in Phoenix, Arizona, were the visitation of a Yah'yel ship. One of the most vocal of the Yah'yel, Ishuwa, is channeled by Shaun Swanson.
  • The Sixth Hybrid Race resembles humans in physicality, with enhanced empathic and psychic skills and a greater sense of unity. These are the children who will, when humanity has demonstrated its readiness, integrate with us on Earth.

Each successive iteration of hybrids exemplifies the best of both races combined. Compassion and emotion, traits which were self-bred out of the Gray population in an attempt to preclude the destruction of their planet, have been re-introduced in the human DNA. Conversely, a greater concept of oneness, heightened intuition and telepathy have been contributed by the ET DNA to assist humanity in its natural collective desire for ascension.