Hybrid Children - Do You Have Them?

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    Iris Akot

    Hybrid Children – Do You Have Them?

    Many people ask me if I can tell them if they’ve got Hybrid Children.

    Generally, if the subject interests you, and you’re willing to ask a question like that, then the answer is yes.

    Here are some signs that may indicate you have been a participant in the Hybrid Children Program:
    Hearing kids voices during the dream state.
    Dreams of holding or having a baby.
    Dreams of being on a playground or a kindergarten room.
    Unexplained pregnancies that disappear (this would be from your earlier years, since extractions such as these have ended on our timeline).
    Dreams of intercourse with a non-human

    Why are most of these examples occurring in the dream state?
    Because our incarnations on Earth are very structured vibrationally. Our waking state, or the Beta-brain wave state, is the most far-removed from our natural state. The dream state, or Theta and Delta brain wave states, is the highest vibrational brain state that most of us experience. Here, it’s much easier for higher-vibrational beings to contact us, since there’s less of a difference in frequency.

    You may also experience some of the above examples in the meditative state, or during a Yoga Nidra practice.


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