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hybrid parents


What are Hybrid Children?

Hybrid Children are a mix of DNA from our current human race with that of any number of Extraterrestrial DNA.  For simplicity's sake, we focus this site on the Human / Zeta Reticuli (commonly known as Grays) hybrid project.  This project is most commonly discussed regarding "alien" abduction scenarios reported by tens of thousands of abductees.  We speak from the perspective that the abductions associated with this project were based on soul contracts made prior to the abductees' incarnation; thus, permission was given to harvest the DNA from the physical bodies associated with the contracted souls.  We do not focus on fear-based encounters or conspiracy theories.

This site was published with the assumption that hybrid children exist. It is not up to the authors here to persuade you to believe what you might resist believing. We believe fully in conscious manifestation: you send out your desires with intent and feeling, and that desire is made manifest according to your higher self's agenda. If your higher self, or KA, has other plans for you than studying hybrid children, then you may never believe. This is perfectly fine with us and we wish you a beautiful journey within whichever reality you choose.

We created this site for the positive purpose of welcoming these children to integrate with humanity when it is time.